Helene Svenssons Blogg

Helene Svenssons Blogg

Om min blogg

Jaaaaa.... varför blogg? Tänkte att jag skulle prova och ge bloggens värld en chans i alla fall. Sen får jag se hur det går med skrivandet. Förmodligen tröööögt. Men den som lever får. Allt har sin tid.
Tillbaka till hemsidan!

One Pigeon missing...

Livet här och nuPosted by Helene Fri, June 15, 2012 15:53

The travelling Pigeon

I missed you

since 1989

Where did you go

You came onboard one night

in the English Channel

Bosun fed you and gave you to drink during our long voyage over The Atlantic Ocean

When we saw land our first port was Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

But you stayed put

Didn't leave us In Santos, Rio Grande or Montevideo either

Then suddenly you where gone

In Buenos Aires you found your friends

But I missed you so

Where did you go

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